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Welcome to pro_recovery, a community that has it as its purpose to support those fighting the hardest, and most important, battle in their life; those who are trying to recover from an eating disorder. You are also very welcome if you alredy have recovered from your eating disorder, because we know that you being recovered doesn't mean that you need support anymore. It would be appreciated if everyone could make a small introduction, so we know a little about who you are. :)


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[08.21.05 at 4:01pm]

Are there any males dealing with anorexia here?
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Just some info :) [08.06.05 at 1:12pm]

I'm going on a holiday to Spain today! So I probably won't be able to accept new members until I'm back (August 20th). BUT you can request a membership and I will accept it as soon as I'm home. Or if I go to an internet cafè in Spain I might stop by just to do so.

Take care of yourself and remember to keep fighting! Do not give up, you can and WILL win this war!


(Oh and members.. It would be nice if you could try to make the community a little more active. It makes my mouth smile upside down when I come online and see that no one has made a post. Hehehe)
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Banner? [07.18.05 at 5:11pm]

Just wondering, is anyone here good at making banners and/or layouts? I feel like we should have our own layout, but I don't know how to make them. And if we're gonna keep this layout we should at least have a banner. But I don't know if it is possible to use a banner that doesn't "belong" to this layout, do you understand what I mean? Like if it will work out or what. And I certainly do not know how to do it!

So does anyone know? And does anyone want to make a layout including a banner (and maybe a "members only" banner to put on the info site?), or just a banner if you don't know how to make layouts?

If anyone could help me out I would be forever grateful! I have no idea how to do these things.
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Welcome to this pro-recovery community. [07.17.05 at 2:10pm]

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To make our members feel as safe and comfortable
as possible this community is members only.

Please join us!

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